IFFR Award Winners

IFFR (International Film Festival Rotterdam) screens fiction- and documentary features, short films, and media art. The festival focuses on talented new makers and searches for stories in unexpected places.
During the festival film makers are selected for multiple award competitions, chosen by the audience and selected juries. To celebrate the award winners, this infographic visualises the origin countries of the winning makers from 2021 to 2024.

The countries are set up in alphabetical order and the colors correspond with the continent. Each country is tagged with the name of the award winner, title of their film/media art and winning year.
The symbolics covering the countries represent the genres of the films. When films are labeled with multiple genres,


Vegetables and Life expectancy

This data visualization visualizes a search for a connection between vegetable consumption and life expectancy. It compares 20 countries and the amount of vegetables eaten, the average age and what each country produce in services and goods within a year.

The focus lies on the amount of eaten vegetables and how life-expectancies increase and decrease. And how the GDP provides new perspectives, when reading the bars of consumed vegetables from 2010 to 2020.


Living- and housing situation

Currently, in 2024 a growing shortage of houses and tightness within the housing market effects first buyers of a house. By comparing different databases and therefor collecting different perspectives an overview is made. In which the explanations for this situation is visualised.

Using mulitple data sets from the Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics provided a range of data to analyse and compare. And guided to visualize the changes taken place within the living- and housing situation in the Netherlands over ten years.


Did not take place

Did not take place is a two-screen video installation, in which a narrative is visualised using a smartphone interface. Experienced by the visitor on Using this particular intimate medium produces an immersive experience.

The project corresponds with the visitor's Western worldview towards conflict orientated news items. And researches how the smartphone user responds to contemporary news topics, which collide with personal, software and hardware notifications.

The narrative of the project is set in a suggestive scenario taking place in 2021; inhabitants flee the Netherlands. Using the interface of the main character, the visitor experiences her uncertainties and displacement.

Named after a collection of three short essays by Jean Baudrillard: The Gulf War Did Not Take Place.


Group exhibition 'KONTRA', Roodkapje, 2018
Screening at Rotterdams Open Doek Film Festival, 2018
Screening at 'Onderweg 5 mei Festival', 2018
Group exhibition 'A Celebration of Chaos', ArtEZ, 2018
Screening at Roodkapje, organized by MINT, 2018
Group exhibition Wifibles, Todays Art, 2017
Graduation exhibition Wait for cue at Sandberg Institute, 2017

Most Wanted:

terrorism in the media
Most Wanted: Terrorism in the media is an online archive of images. The archive visualizes the visual representation of terrorism through interaction between mass- and social media, government and western society. The website presents a numerous number of observations. Which within each collection reveals different kind of reality.
Group exhibition Consensus Reality, Roodkapje, 2013
Article 2013 (Dutch)
Nomination HOT100: Virtueelplatform 2013

Uncertainty, certain
An editorial project in which a collection of articles functions as a protagonist. Telling a story about vulnerable topics that could potentially question the position of science as verifiable and ordered. Topics such as politics, media, position of woman, protocols, resistance, trust, etc. are collected. All the articles are interwoven to visualize the continuity of the vulnerable aspects.

Hi, my name is Rebekka Fries. I work as a freelance graphic designer, located in Rotterdam(NL). My work involves researching, analysing and visualising data and (visual)languages.

The studies I have taken are a Bachelor in Graphic Design(Willem de Kooning Academy) and a Masters degree(Sandberg Institute).

Feel free to contact me at or find me at Behance

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