CONCEPT, VISUAL LANGUAGE Rehearsing the Revolution
VISUAL RESEARCH Disconnected worldview
VIDEO INSTALLATION Did not take place
PRODUCT In-Between
VIDEO Smart parade
VISUAL LANGUAGE Mediafonds@Sandberg
WEBSITE Most Wanted
BOOK Uncertainty, certain

Photography Áron Süveg

Rehearsing the Revolution
Rehearsing the Revolution is a project initiated by Art collective SPACE. The project facilitates a model which is supported through fictional storytelling to bring together conflicting parties, such as; community, citizen and policy. These parties will take on conflicts, search for common ground and set up a roadmap with scenarios for the future in which Deep Economy is established.

For this project I designed a visual language inpsired by organisms shifting their positions and searching for new ways of thinking.

In collaboration with SPACE

Visionary Storytelling online #1 and #2,
Online, 2021
Theatre performance, Corrosia theatre, 2020

IkbenGezond, IamHealthy is a project concept realized during the Masterclass Sandberg@Mediapark in which the theme Artificial Imagination has been discussed. IamHealthy is an application which connects your monitored health with your health insurance premium and provides you with a health score. Through answering questions and performing activities the user progresses through levels and earns badges to increase their health score and therefore their health premium.
You affect your health care premium yourself.
Presentation at NFF, 2019
Presentation at Sandberg@Mediapark at Beeld&Geluid, 2019

Disconnected worldview
By framing screenshots, certain moments of receiving push notifications on the iPhone interface are registrated. The order in receiving these banners reveils uncomfortable connections.

Group exhibition 'PS THE TITLE OF THE WORK', 2019

Did not take place

Did not take place is a two screen video installation, in which the narrative is visualised using a smartphone interface, experienced by the visitor on Using this particular intimate medium produces an immersive experience and a new form of digital storytelling.

The project confronts the visitor with our current Western disconnected worldview towards conflict related news items. And researches how the smartphone user responds to contemporary political and society news related topics, which collide with personal, software and hardware notifications.

The narrative of the project is set in a suggestive scenario taking place in 2021; inhabitants flee the Netherlands. Using the interface of the main character, the visitor experiences her uncertainties and displacement.

Named after a collection of three short essays by Jean Baudrillard: The Gulf War Did Not Take Place. The culture theorist argues the Gulf war was a carefully scripted media event and its coverage in the news was used as a tool for imaging.


Group exhibition 'KONTRA', Roodkapje, 2018
Screening at Rotterdams Open Doek Film Festival, 2018
Screening at 'Onderweg 5 mei Festival', 2018
Group exhibition 'A Celebration of Chaos', ArtEZ, 2018
Screening at Roodkapje, organized by MINT, 2018
Group exhibition Wifibles, Todays Art, 2017
Graduation exhibition Wait for cue at Sandberg Institute, 2017

Photography Isabel Zoetbrood
The double-sided wooden maze toy In-Between refers to the current situation of students at the Palestinian refugee camp Gaza in Jerash, Jordan. As the students aren't allowed to continue their study at universities considering their current citizenship the two-sided Arabic texts dream and reality represents: their dream to continue their education and reality as the bureaucratic situation. This product is designed in collaboration with designer Nour Nsheiwat and made by artisan Jaber Tayeh.

Disarming Design from Palestine workshop focuses on a collaboration between designers and artisans developing products, which exposes the current situation of the Palestinians.

Smart parade
In the Smart parade video, the smartphone interface is used to inform the viewer about the Gay Parade taking place in Amsterdam. The protagonist makes his friend enthusiastic about several events, while using different applications and platforms. The smartphone interface provides the opportunity to use a new form of informative storytelling.

In collaboration with Algemeen Dagblad, ACED & MyChannels

Photography Birte Veenkamp


Unmapping Europe
For the end presentation an visual language was designed to represent the topic Unmapping Europe. By literally unmapping the geometrical form of the flags provided an playground to rearrange contexts.

Mediafonds@Sandberg is a yearly masterclass in which designers and journalist realize new ways of storytelling.

Most Wanted:

terrorism in the media
Most Wanted: Terrorism in the media is a online archive of imaging terrorism and its exploited position through interaction by mass media, government and western society. The website presents a numerous amount of observations which within each collection reveals different kind of convictions which doesn't entail reality but stigmatism and stereotyping.

Group exhibition Consensus Reality, Roodkapje, 2013
Article 2013 (Dutch)
Nomination HOT100: Virtueelplatform 2013

Uncertainty, certain
For this project, I collected articles on vulnerable topics that could potentially question the position of science as verifiable and ordered. Topics such as politics, media, protocols, resistance, trust, etc. pass through the book. All the articles are interwoven to show the continuity of the vulnerable aspects.

Hi, my name is Rebekka Fries, I work as a freelance designer & researcher, and live and work in Rotterdam(NL).

With an fascination for analysing and researching (visual)languages, I have a interest in understanding our use of language and visual representations.

My work-method entails doing (visual) research and lay connections between interdisciplinary subjects within my findings. By developing and making multidisciplinary projects I reflect with a subjective perspective upon the results.

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