Rebekka Fries
PROJECT Did not take place
— named after a collection of three short essays by Jean Baudrillard: 'The Gulf War Did Not Take Place'. The culture theorist argues the Gulf war was a carefully scripted media event and its coverage in the news was used as a tool for imagery.
THESIS Our (not so) guilty pleasure
— argues producing cat videos isn't without taking responsibility for the suffering of the cat and how this action correlates with watching conflict related news items.
— participation in the Disarming Design from Palestine workshop, developing products reflecting on current position of Palestinians in Gaza camp, Jerash in Jordan.
Group exhibition 'Wait for Cue' Picture Sander van Wettum
Group exhibition 'Wait for Cue' Picture Sander van Wettum
Group exhibition 'Wait for Cue' Picture Rebekka Fries
Video stills extended screen
Video stills smartphone interface
Did not take place
Two-synced video installation. Dutch & English. Duration 15.00.
The two-screened and synced video installation presents a new approach to digital storytelling. The syncing of the smartphone camera recordings and the smartphone interface combined, visualizes a suggestive storyline and exposes how our personal and public spheres are disconnected.

The narrative of the protagonist is visualized on the smartphone interface and provides an immersive experience as personal, news and software- as hardware notifications are intertwined as our most intimate medium becomes an urgent aid tool to stay in contact. Using this particular set up the research project addresses our response to conflict related news items and how these develop disconnected world views.
— Group exhibition Todays Art, 2017 & Wait for cue, 2017
— Screening at 'Roodkapje', organized by MINT, 2018
Video stills smartphone interface Project 'Did not take place'
Our (not so) guilty pleasure
Thesis. Non-human. Non-speaking.
Conflict related news items can be ignored. Watching a cat video instead doesn't resolve excaping the suffering of the other. As some live in a human designed enviroment, all of the cat 'failures' captured on video represent an situation, being 'spoken for' and taken 'advantage' of.
Product process Picture Rebekka Fries
Prototype 'In-Between' Picture Isabel Zoetbrood
Product design. Workshop. In collaboration with Nour Nsheiwat.
The double sided wooden maze toy 'In-Between' refers to the current situation of students at the Palestinian refugee camp 'Gaza' in Jerash, Jordan. As the students aren't allowed to continue their study at universities considering their current citizenship the two-sided in Arabic texts 'dream' and 'reality' represents their 'dream' to continue their education and 'reality' as the opposit situation. This product is designed in collaboration with designer Nour Nsheiwat and made by Jaber Tayeh.

Disarming Design from Palestine workshop focusses on a collaboration between designers and artisans developing products which identify the current situation of the Palestinians.
Rebekka Fries

Framing disconnected worldviews

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MA Design Visual strategies
2014 - 2017
Sandberg Institute,

BA Graphic design, Minor Editorial design
2009 - 2013
Willem de Kooning Academy,